Expressive Activity Policy

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A. Designated Public Forum: The following areas are designated by the University for Expressive Activity:

  1. Cumming Campus – the grass area in front of the building closest to the lower parking lots
  2. Dahlonega Campus – the west side of the promenade nearest the drill field
  3. Gainesville Campus – the grass area stretching from the Student Center to the Strickland Building
  4. Oconee Campus – the grass area between the quad walkway and the Library wing of the Student Resource Center
  5. Blue Ridge Campus – Due to space restrictions, no area has been designated.

The University supports and encourages Expressive Activity. This Policy does not apply to University-sponsored activities or classroom instruction or participation; but rather establishes the content-neutral time, place, and manner restrictions concerning acts of expression and dissent outside the classroom environment.  Nothing in this policy permits the University to regulate the content of Expressive Activity protected by the First Amendment.  The University maintains a position of neutrality as to the content of expression and any materials distributed on campus under this policy.

The following categories of activities or speech are not protected by law and are not permitted on campus:  speech that incites imminent lawless action that is integral to the commission of a crime, speech that triggers an automatic violent response (“fighting words”), true threats, obscenity, child pornography, certain types of defamatory speech, and certain types of commercial speech.

A. University Community Members

Traditional Public Forums, Designated Public Forums and Limited Public Forums are available to University Community Members for Expressive Activity.  Non-Public Forums are not available for Expressive Activity.

  1. Designated Public Forums
    1. The Designated Public Forums on each campus are available for Expressive Activity between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.
    2. It is not necessary for University Community Members to request a reservation for use of the Designated Public Forum for the purposes of expression, unless groups of twenty-five (25) or more persons wish to gather in the Designated Public Forum.  Reservations for groups of 25 or more persons should be made.
    3. Use of the Designated Public Forums must comply with the time, place and manner restrictions in Section C of this policy.
    4. To ensure the safety of the participants, the University reserves the right to move persons to other locations on campus or to discontinue the Expressive Activity, if the size of the group cannot be accommodated by the Designated Public Forum.

2. Limited Public Forums

Recognized Student Organizations, Faculty and Staff wishing to engage in Expressive Activity in those Limited Public Forums that utilize a reservation process, should follow the reservation process to use the space. Reservation requests will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis, but in the event that multiple requests conflict, the use of the space will be reserved in a manner consistent with the reservation priorities detailed in the University Facilities Use Policy.

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