Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual – Policy 2240: Respectful Campus

Category: Policies on Tolerance, Respect, and Civility School: University of New Mexico Statement Rating: Red Last updated: February 16, 2018

Relevant excerpt

The commitment to a respectful campus calls for promotion of an environment where the following are upheld:

  • All individuals have important contributions to make toward the overall success of the university’s mission.
  • UNM’s mission is best carried out in an atmosphere where individuals at all levels and in all units value each other and treat each other with respect.
  • Individuals in positions of authority serve as role models in the promotion of a respectful campus.  Promoting courtesy, civility, and respectful communication is consistent with the responsibility of leadership.
  • Individuals at all levels are allowed to discuss issues of concern in an open and honest manner, without fear of reprisal or retaliation from individuals above or below them in the university’s hierarchy.  At the same time, the right to address issues of concern does not grant individuals license to make untrue allegations, unduly inflammatory statements or unduly personal attacks, or to harass others, to violate confidentiality requirements, or engage in other conduct that violates the law or University policy.
  • Bullying is unacceptable in all working, learning, and service interactions.

Actions that are destructive to a respectful campus will not be tolerated.

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