Student Handbook: Use of University Space, Facilities, and Grounds- Expressive Activity

Relevant excerpt

For USA students or employees, all areas of the University campus are open for expressive activities except for the following: • Areas between the street side of University buildings and facilities on the periphery of campus from the portal of North Drive to the corner of campus at Old Shell Road and University Boulevard and to the portal of Stadium Drive and the public sidewalks. (For reference, the areas between the public sidewalks along Old Shell Road and University Boulevard and the red line depicted on the map available here: usaperimetermap.pdf are restricted areas as described in this section. • Areas within 100 feet of academic buildings or residential housing buildings • Mitchell Center and grounds • Moulton Tower and Alumni Plaza • USA Health System’s Hospitals, Clinics, and grounds, with the exception of public streets and sidewalks at those facilities

Any expressive activity beyond the Student Center will require that the University be able to identify the University individual or organization involved and that person or organization must abide by these regulations.

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