Institutional Rules on Student Services and Activities: Chapter 13- Speech, Expression, and Assembly

Relevant excerpt

Subchapter 13–900. Public Assemblies
Sec. 13–901. General Rule on Public Assemblies
a. “Publicly assemble” and “public assembly” include any gathering of persons, including discussions, rallies, and demonstrations. The rules in Subchapter 13–800 apply to any use of amplified sound at a public assembly.
b. Persons and organizations may publicly assemble on campus in any place where, at the time of the assembly, the persons assembling are permitted to be. This right to assemble is subject to the rules in this Chapter and to the rules on use of University property in Chapter 10 of the Institutional Rules. No advance permission is required in the common outdoor areas.

a. Common outdoor areas reservations.

  1. University persons, University organizations, and members of the public may reserve a space to assemble in the common outdoor areas, as defined by this Chapter. This is in addition to the amplified sound areas which are also available for reservation.
  2. Reservations by University persons and University organizations must be made with the dean of students on a form prescribed by the dean of students. Members of the public may reserve space by making a request to Applications and requests for a reservation for such assemblies will be approved pursuant to Subchapter 10–200 of the Institutional Rules.
  3. If the expected attendance at an assembly is twenty-five or more people, advance notice of no less than two weeks is recommended.  Persons and organizations are encouraged to seek a reservation of a space that is suited to their assembly’s anticipated size.

e. While reservations are not always required, they are strongly encouraged. Without a reservation, a person or organization may find the facility locked or the space in use by another person or organization.

Registered students, sponsored students, faculty, and staff organizations and academic and administrative units may sell, distribute, or display literature on campus, subject to the rules in this Subchapter and to the general rules in Subchapter 13–200 and Subchapter 13–300. Individual students, faculty members, and staff members may distribute or display literature, subject to the rules in this Subchapter and to the general rules in Subchapter 13–200 and Subchapter 13–300, but may not sell it. In either case, no advance permission is required.

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