Freedom of Expression

Relevant excerpt

While VSU may enact policies to ensure campus safety, to protect and preserve university property, and to promote the proper functioning of the academic environment, these policies will not unduly burden the free expression rights of students, faculty and staff (“members of the University Community”). This policy in no way prohibits members of the University Community from engaging in expression in open outdoor areas of campus between the hours of 8:30am and 10:00pm, Monday through Sunday, and does not apply to University-sponsored activity or classroom instruction or participation, but rather establishes a designated Public Forum Venue at VSU and sets forth requirements for forum reservations in the following limited circumstances: (1) members of the University Community who plan an event or expression with 30 or more persons; and, (2) individuals or groups who are not members of the University Community but wish to express themselves on VSU’s campus. Any content-neutral time, place, and manner parameters on expression implemented by VSU will be enforced in accordance with applicable law. By placing reasonable limitations on the time, place, and manner of expression, VSU does not take a position on the content or viewpoint of the expression, but rather allows for a diversity of viewpoints to be expressed in an academic setting.

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