Policy Library: Demonstrations that occur on the Campuses of Virginia Commonwealth University

Category: Protest and Demonstration Policies School: Virginia Commonwealth University Statement Rating: Yellow Last updated: May 3, 2018

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There are two types of demonstrations: those which are scheduled and planned in advance and those which are more spontaneous and are not scheduled in advance.

8VAC90-30-30. Planned demonstrations.

A representative from the registered student organization, ad hoc student group, or nonstudent group should contact the assigned university official to discuss a date, time, and location for the demonstration.

8VAC90-30-40. Demonstrations not scheduled in advance.

Although all student organizations, ad hoc student groups, or nonstudent groups are urged to contact the assigned university official (see 8VAC90-30-30) to discuss a date, time, and location in advance of the demonstration, it is recognized that there will be rare occasions when this does not occur. …

Any spontaneous or unscheduled demonstration which occurs on the campuses of Virginia Commonwealth University is subject to the following:

1. The assigned university official or designee will, upon learning of the presence of a spontaneous demonstration, report to the scene of the demonstration and make contact with the apparent leader of the demonstration or with a representative group from the demonstration. The VCU Police, the Vice Provost for Student Affairs, and the Assistant Vice President for University Relations will be notified of the presence of the demonstration by the assigned university official or designee.

2. If the demonstration is not in one of the preferred locations (see subdivision 1 of 8VAC90-30- 30), the group participating in the demonstration will be asked by the assigned university official to move to one of these locations. If the group refuses to move, the demonstrators may be allowed to continue at the location, providing the demonstration is being conducted within the intent of the definition of “orderly” as described in 8VAC90-30-20.

3. The assigned university official will monitor the demonstration. …

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