Non-Solicitation Policy

Relevant excerpt

For purposes of the Non-solicitation Policy, “Solicitation” (or “Soliciting”) shall include, canvassing, soliciting or seeking to obtain membership in or support for any organization, requesting contributions, and posting or distributing handbills, pamphlets, petitions, and the like of any kind (“Materials”) on University property or using University resources (including without limitation bulletin boards, computers, mail, e-mail and telecommunication systems, photocopiers and telephone lists and databases). … Solicitation and Commercial Solicitation performed through verbal, written, or electronic means, are covered by the Nonsolicitation Policy.

Any Solicitation or Commercial Solicitation undertaken by a student, registered student club, or student organization must be approved by the Office of Student Development, conducted in compliance with the Student Handbook and procedures established by the Office of Student Life, and comply with all applicable laws and University policies

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