Student Handbook: Posting Notice

Relevant excerpt

With respect to informing the University community of various lectures and programs by means of posters or flyers, the following criteria have been established:

  1. Posters announcing an approved University or student group sponsored event will be approved provided the criteria set forth in this policy are met.
  2. All posters must be sponsored by a recognized University office or student group, whose name will appear on the poster.
  3. Posters that speak to issues contrary to the teachings of the Church may be posted, if the poster encourages intellectual discussion and unfettered inquiry of the issues. …

Posters will not be approved if any of the following apply:

2. The message offends community standards of good taste.
3. The message contains language or symbols which are abusive or demeaning to specific social groups.
4. The message denies respect for the dignity of individuals.
5. The message appears libelous.

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