Student Handbook: Events and Speakers Policy

Relevant excerpt

The following conditions must be met for an external speaker or event to be considered for approval:

1. The speech or event must constitute a legitimate educational experience or otherwise contribute to the university’s mission.

3. The speech or event must not involve a substantial risk of disrupting classes, obstructing access to campus facilities, otherwise interfering with other ongoing University events or activities, or creating a seriously intimidating, threatening, scandalizing, and/or uncivil environment at the speech or event that would undermine its educational purposes.

5. It is understood that some speakers will hold, offer, and defend positions that differ from Catholic Church teaching. The expectation is that they will do so in an academically responsible fashion, be open to questions and challenges from members of the audience, and respectfully acknowledge, and not disparage, Church teaching. If, in the judgment of University officials, a speech or event presents a serious risk of violating these principles, the group seeking permission for such an event must accept provisions to ensure adherence to standards of freely reasoned academic discussion and debate. Such provisions might include, for example, allowing for an appropriate response at the speech or event or contextualizing the event or speech by means of complementary counter-programming.

The University reserves the right to withdraw any speaker invitation, or to cancel any event, at any time for any reason, but it will not do so for reasons judged to be less than fundamental to the University’s values and well-being.

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