Bias Incident Advisory Committee

Category: Policies on Bias and Hate Speech School: University of Washington Statement Rating: Yellow Last updated: May 22, 2017

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To help us fulfill our commitment to addressing bias at the individual, institutional and systemic levels, we have established the Bias Incident Advisory Committee to collect information and advise the vice president for Student Life and the vice president for Minority Affairs and Diversity on reports of bias-related incidents that may impact the University of Washington community. Barring unexpected circumstance, reports received through the Bias Incident Report Form will be reviewed by a member of this committee within 2-4 business days.


Institutional Responses may include the following:

  • Notice to the community about the incident.
  • Individual outreach to affected party.
  • Offers of support and assistance to affected individuals/communities (typically in form of counseling).
  • Educational workshops or seminars.
  • Removal of graffiti or flyers.
  • Connecting affected parties to relevant resources.
  • Cataloging of incident(s).
  • The University may start proceedings under the student conduct code, the general campus conduct code, or processes under other UW policies.

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