Posting Policy (Campus Wide)

Relevant excerpt

1. Interior Spaces
Displays on building interiors must be confined to bulletin boards or similar areas provided for that purpose. Attaching signs or other displays to walls, doors, stairs, railings, balconies or other interior structures causes damage and creates hazards and is, therefore, prohibited.

iv) Open Posting – Any posting areas not designated for a particular purpose noted herein, or subsequently assigned by the Viking Union Administration or an authorized department, are available for use by any individual or group, provided that other applicable sections of this policy are observed. Commercial postings are only allowed on unassigned open posting boards.

b) Temporary/Event Related
i) Event Components – These materials shall be defined as graphic components of a particular event which are an integral part of that event. Such materials shall be approved for posting only during the course of and immediately preceding the event. Notices of cancellation or change of a program location shall be included within this definition.

iii) Conditions for Approval – Only banners advertising events of a campus wide nature and sponsored by University organizations will be approved for posting. On-going promotional material will not be permitted. Requests will be considered on a first come basis.
iv) Time and Number Limitations – Banners will be approved for a maximum of one (1) week of posting time. A maximum of one (1) banner per month, per organization will be allowed.
v) Posting and Removal – Posting and removing of banners is the responsibility of the AS Publicity Center.

d) Open Posting
i) General – All unassigned bulletin boards may be used in accordance with the provisions of this section. Commercial postings are only allowed on unassigned open posting boards.
ii) Number – Only one (1) poster per event or activity is permitted per board.
iii) Time – Posters should be removed immediately after the event or activity which they are advertising.
iv) Location – Materials may not be posted over other posters. Areas such as walls, windows, doors, garbage cans, light posts and other non-designated surfaces are prohibited.
v) Size – Posters must be no larger than 11″ x 17”.
vi) Violation/Charges – Groups in violation of this policy may be charged for work required to enforce this policy.

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