Use of Campus Facilities Policy

Relevant excerpt

A. Prior Scheduling Is Generally Required. Except for spontaneous activities permitted under paragraph B, below, groups and individuals desiring to use university space and facilities must submit requests through the Scheduling Office as far in advance as practical. Any requests not received sufficiently in advance to permit necessary evaluation and determine the appropriate location, applying the standards outlined in this section III, may be denied for that reason.

B. Spontaneous Expressive Activities Permitted in Certain Circumstances and Locations. William & Mary employees, students, and recognized student organizations may engage in spontaneous or unscheduled expressive events and activities in two situations:

  • A number of areas are available, on a first-come-first-serve basis, for rallies, assemblies, demonstrations, vigils and other outdoor expressive activities without prior approval or scheduling. A current list of areas designated for spontaneous activities is available from the Scheduling Office (pdf).
  • Spontaneous expressive activities may occur in other locations (a location other than those designated by the Scheduling Office) when advance scheduling is not practical, such as an activity responding to a university action, if (a) the designated locations are already in use or reserved for another activity, (b) the spontaneous activity is too large for the designated locations, or (c) the expressive value of the activity is significantly enhanced by it taking place in a different location, such as a protest against a specific office, which would be more powerful if held outside of or near to the office.

If a spontaneous expressive activity does not satisfy these conditions, disrupts university operations or creates a safety hazard, university officials will require the activity to be relocated or rescheduled.

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