Bias Incident Response Team

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The Bias Incident Response Team or BIRT, is a group of administrators, faculty, staff and students representing various campus divisions, departments, and disciplines which provides a comprehensive response to bias incidents and hate crimes that effects the campus community.

What Will BIRT Do?
• Promote a safe and welcoming climate that is open to all.
• Provide care, support, and resources to individuals or groups who are the targets of bias incidents and/or hate crimes.
• Funnel reported incidents to the appropriate office for investigation and/or discipline.
• Recommend appropriate programs that are both preventative and responsive to bias incidents and hate crimes.
• Document and monitor reported incidents of bias and hate.

BIRT is both a coordinator and a conduit for institutional response that addresses campus wide response to bias incidents that are not hate crimes o [sic] rise to the level of policy violation.

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