WPI Student Code of Conduct: Expectations of Student Behavior

Relevant excerpt

Listed below are broad categories of expectations and responsibilities to which all students are expected to abide. Each category includes examples of prohibited behaviors; however, the list is not exhaustive and the Dean of Students Office preserves the right to identify additional prohibited behaviors, as necessary and appropriate.

A. Respect the safety of community members by avoiding behavior that harms, endangers, or intimidates others. Prohibited behaviors include abuse, assault, bullying/cyberbullying, fraud, hazing, impairing the well-being of another community member or self, retaliation, or threat.

D. Engage respectfully and civilly with other members and guests of the WPI community.

E. Treat fellow students with respect, specifically associated with any words or actions of a sexual nature.

G. Avoid behavior that causes disruption in the WPI or broader community. Prohibited behaviors include disorderly or harassing conduct on or off-campus, at university-sponsored, affiliated, or supervised functions, or affiliated academic/professional programs that adversely affects the WPI community or institutional reputation.

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