WPI Student Code of Conduct: Expectations of Student Behavior

Relevant excerpt

WPI calls upon all students to uphold the following community standards and, in doing so, to learn and practice behaviors that are essential for intellectual, emotional, and social development as global citizens and leaders.

WPI students will (i) recognize that they are part of a larger community and therefore their actions can enhance or detract from the experiences of others; (ii) treat fellow community members and guests with dignity, respect, and civility and create an environment where all students enable each other’s excellence; (iii) respect the property and privacy of others; and (iv) inclusively value different identities, perspectives, opinions, and ideas.

WPI students will (i) foster the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of fellow community members and guests; (ii) be mindful of, advocate for, and foster a safe environment that supports their and others’ welfare; and (iii) communicate respectfully, exhibit a spirt of cooperation, and resolve conflict appropriately.

WPI students will (i) represent WPI as ambassadors and advocates who embody its high standards; and (ii) at all times behave in ways that reflect positively on the institution.

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