Student Handbook: Student Demonstration Policy

Relevant excerpt

A. Organized Demonstrations

1. All persons or organizations intending to stage demonstrations on the William Paterson University campus or at off-campus events sponsored by the University must contact the Associate Vice President for Campus Life (or designee) one week prior to the event.
2. The Associate Vice President for Campus Life (or designee), in consultation with University Police and the Director of Physical Plant, will assign an appropriate area for the demonstration, i.e., one which will not restrict access to buildings or facilities or otherwise impede the rights of others or the essential functions and educational activities of the University.
3. The Associate Vice President for Campus Life (or designee) shall notify the individual or group of his/her decision regarding time, place, and manner of the event as soon as possible to allow for general notification.

B. Regarding spontaneous demonstrations:

1. Because not all conditions, events, or actions that stimulate dissent may themselves be foreseeable, and because demonstrations may emerge under such circumstances, there is an expectation that spontaneous demonstrations occur from time to time.
2. Under these circumstances it is the responsibility of both the Vice President of Student Development (or designee) and the demonstrating parties to cooperate with the aim of supporting the rights of all and protecting the safety of all while enabling the expression of opinion.
3. The Vice President of Student Development and dissenting parties will therefore negotiate:
a) To seek to remedy the situation which gives rise to the demonstration, if possible or appropriate, or
b) To provide a forum for the expression of opinion and the continuation of debate and dialogue that seeks to resolve conflict, find remedy, or allow for meaningful expression of ideas.

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