FIRE’s 2016–2017 Annual Report: Continued progress in the face of major challenges

November 2, 2017

FIRE is proud to have released our 2016–2017 Annual Report on our website this week. Today, we want to provide a brief glimpse into the report for our readers and supporters. In the midst of ongoing challenges, and as we look back on a year that was filled with grim news from the academy, the report provides a reason for optimism — and a rallying point for the continuing fight for campus freedom.

As our report shows, FIRE achieved considerable success in the last year. Here are just a few highlights:

Decline in red lights
Total victories
FSN membership
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The report also offers a look at the true impact of FIRE’s work — the stories of the individuals we serve. By supporting FIRE, our donors helped protect vulnerable individuals, empower activists, and educate students such as Katerina Klawes, Paul Gerlich and Erin Furleigh, Kevin Shaw, our undergraduate and legal interns, and our FIRE Student Network members.

2016 FSN conference attendees

These are the real stories of FIRE — and the real reflection of our donors’ contributions. While the challenges we face may sometimes seem insurmountable, together with our supporters, we are making progress and helping individuals across the country enjoy their rights, understand the principles of free expression, and promote the fundamental values of the First Amendment.

Thank you to our donors, and to all of our allies, for making that work possible. FIRE will continue to strive to honor that support in the year ahead, building on the positive gains of the past and working to take on every challenge to campus liberty.