FIRE’s Azhar Majeed urges free speech advocates to look ‘Beyond the Narratives’ in University of Missouri law journal

June 1, 2018

The latest volume of the University of Missouri School of Law’s Journal for Dispute Resolution features an article by FIRE’s Vice President of Policy Reform, Azhar Majeed.

In “Beyond the Narratives: How Free Speech in Higher Education is Truly Restricted,” Azhar points to a number of important free speech developments on college campuses that don’t always make headlines — and makes a compelling case for why we need to pay attention.

Taking a deep dive into FIRE cases, ratings from FIRE’s Spotlight database, and FIRE’s annual speech code report, Azhar paints a fuller picture of the world of campus free speech advocacy.

“[I]n both policy and practice, our nation’s colleges and universities still have a long way to go in terms of respecting their students’ and faculty members’ free speech rights,” Azhar writes. “While such examples may not fit into the various narratives currently surrounding the issue of freedom of expression in higher education, they deserve close attention so that the public can join advocates such as FIRE in calling on universities to abide by their legal obligations as well as free speech principles.”

You can — and should — read the full piece in the Journal for Dispute Resolution. And, as always, keep a close eye on FIRE’s website for the latest information on how you can help defend speech on campus.