FIRE’s Luke Sheahan to Speak at Rhode Island School

December 10, 2008

Luke Sheahan, Director of FIRE’s Campus Freedom Network program, will be speaking tomorrow at the Lincoln School in Providence, Rhode Island, a women’s-only preparatory school for students ranging from kindergarten through grade 12.

Luke will be part of a whole day’s worth of activities focused on why free speech is important and how it increases diversity. Specifically, Luke will be speaking to Lincoln’s high school students, providing three workshops on the rights they should expect to enjoy when they enter college. As part of Luke’s presentation, each student will be provided with policies that comprised former Speech Codes of the Month, discussing exactly why these policies were problematic. Students will also watch segments from some of FIRE’s videos and discuss the various issues involved with each case.

Students or faculty members interested in bringing a FIRE staff member to their campus should check out our speakers page, which now includes a list of lecture topics.