FIRE’s Student Network website: The essential resource for student activism on campus

August 29, 2018

Since 1999, it has been FIRE’s mission to protect free speech and due process rights on campus. Over the past 19 years, with thousands of students benefiting from our work, our mission has changed as little as our resolute commitment to it.

As FIRE has grown, so has the range of resources we offer for students who wish to help educate members of the campus community about their rights, shine a spotlight on bad policies, and defend and protect free speech and due process on campus. Students have never been in a better position not merely to bring this fight to their campuses, but to win it!

The FIRE Student Network website is your go-to destination for understanding free speech and due process rights on campus and the number one source for effective student activism strategies.

Take a look at the “about” page to get a sense of FIRE’s multidimensional approach to defending and protecting civil liberties on campus and the myriad services and opportunities that each program offers. Next, move over to our main page to find dozens of resources offering educational and practical tips so you can defend and protect civil liberties at your school.

Whether you would like to join the FIRE Student Network, evaluate and improve your school’s policies, place an op-ed in the student newspaper, use social media to bolster your activism, defend due process rights through a Student Defender group, invite a FIRE speaker to your campus, or learn more about our summer internship and student conferences, the FIRE Student Network website has it all!

Our recently launched fall 2018 Commit to Expression activism toolkit provides you with everything you need to work towards the adoption of a free speech policy statement at your school. Sign up today for the chance to enshrine a culture of robust free speech and debate at your school, and win great prizes in the process!

The FSN team is committed to fighting by your side every step of the way, and the FIRE Student Network website contains the best resources to get you started. Want to learn more about how you can get involved on your campus, or inquire about opportunities for funding? Reach out at to set up a time to talk!