Fixing your college’s speech codes? Try FIRE’s ‘Model Speech Policies’ resource.

March 1, 2021

FIRE is pleased to announce the launch of our “Model Speech Policies” resource today. Through this resource, we hope to provide students, college administrators, and others with easy answers to questions about reforming their institution’s speech codes.

The Model Speech Policies webpage includes FIRE-recommended policy language for specific types of campus speech codes that we routinely come across — from information technology and social media policies, to civility codes, to policies on bias incidents, and much more. 

We’ve provided model policies for each category that earn our highest, “green light” rating, taken from colleges and universities across the country. And we’ve additionally made it possible to find every single policy earning a green light rating within each category in our Spotlight Database!

We hope this page will be a one-stop shop for anyone who cares about the state of free speech on their campus and wants to improve its policies.