For Administrators

  • Read FIRE’s pamphlet for college administrators, Correcting Common Mistakes in Campus Speech Policies. This short guide is aimed at helping administrators who want to bring their campuses’ policies in line with the First Amendment and the American tradition of free speech and academic freedom as well as their schools’ own promises of free speech.
  • Find out about the rights your students have-often beyond what your school’s policies suggest-by reading FIRE’s Guides to Student Rights on Campus.
  • Look up your school on Spotlight: The Campus Freedom Resource, FIRE’s database of speech codes at more than 400 of the nation’s largest and most prestigious universities. If your school is rated a "red light" or "yellow light," here’s where you can find out which specific policies should be revised.
  • Read FIRE’s annual Spotlight on Speech Codes report to find out the latest trends in campus censorship and how FIRE is slowly but surely increasing the number of "green light" schools and the number of "red light" schools that have improved to "yellow light."
  • Look at FIRE’s Red Alert list of the "worst of the worst" campuses for free speech, as well as our Speech Codes of the Month, and make sure your campus isn’t part of either list.
  • Watch FIRE’s short films about some of the worst abuses of faculty and student rights on America’s campuses.
  • Contact FIRE’s free speech experts, who are always ready to work with college administrators to reform campus policies that adversely affect student and faculty rights. Also, please contact us if we are highlighting any policies that are no longer in effect on your campus, or if you need more information about what makes a specific policy unconstitutional.
  • Host a FIRE speaker on campus, either for a public talk or for a more private talk to committees or other groups working to revamp campus speech policies.
  • Follow FIRE on Twitter and Facebook.