For All Seasons

In light of the increasing tendency, in the current tragic crisis, to judge individuals by their ethnicity, race, religion, and place of origin, FIRE reminds the administrations of our colleges and universities of those principles upon which liberty and dignity depend:

1) All students and faculty are individuals, free to define themselves by their own lights. The imposition of official group-identity is a denial of the deepest meaning of liberty: individual rights and individual responsibility.

2) All students and faculty have a right to the equal protection of the law. Legal equality is a foundational right.

3) Liberty of opinion, speech, and expression is indispensable to a free and, in the deepest sense, progressive society. Deny it to one, and you deny it effectively to all.

These truths long have been ignored and betrayed on our campuses, to the peril of a free society. FIRE continues its commitment to defend these truths for all times and all seasons.