Formal Warning to DePaul College Republicans for Posting Flyers

From: Grabau, Ashli <>

To: Joe Blewitt [e-mail address redacted]

Cc: [redacted]

Sent: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 15:28:00 -0500

Subject: Formal Warning for DePaul College Republicans – Important

Hello Joe,

I am disappointed to report that our office had to take down one of the DePaul College Republican posters disapproving of Churchill (it was the one referring to Churchill as a “hatemonger”) on Wednesday of last week. This was after we did not approve the posters and after I shared my concern with you during our meeting that they were still being put up and this needed to stop.  As a result of continuing to post flyers without approval, I am issuing a formal warning to your organization that will go on file.  This means that if your organization chooses to violate any other Student Life or University policies, DePaul College Republicans will be susceptible to the suspension of registered student organization privileges.

I encourage you to share this with your organization Joe and discuss ways to ensure the name of your organization is being displayed appropriately.

Take care,


Ashli Grabau
Assistant Director of Student Life, LPC
The Office of Student Life
2250 N. Sheffield Ave. Suite 201
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 325-7361
Fax (773) 325-7359

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