Conferences and Events

Students attend a session at FIRE's 2019 Regional Conference at the University of Colorado, Boulder, on Saturday, April 13.
Oct. 23 / Cornell University and Free Speech: An Unauthorized Look at the Campus Climate
Join FIRE, Cornell professor Richard Bensel, and student Matthew Samilow on Oct. 21 for a discussion on the state of free speech, academic freedom, and viewpoint diversity — and what alumni can do to ensure these key principles return to prominence at their alma mater. Save your spot today.

Oct. 27 / FIRE Special Presentation: 2021 College Free Speech Rankings
FIRE surveyed over 37,000 students from 159 colleges and universities to determine the state of free speech on American college campuses. Join FIRE experts on Oct. 27 as we discuss the 2021 College Free Speech Rankings and answer your questions about the report. Sign up today!