About the Prometheus Society

The Prometheus Society is a group of exceptional students at colleges and universities across the country who have demonstrated a commitment to free expression and due process in education, and have fought for those principles.

Securing student rights on campus is a gargantuan task, one that FIRE cannot possibly hope to accomplish alone. Because of this, FIRE honors the important and often underappreciated contributions of student rights advocates by inducting them into the Prometheus Society—the highest award FIRE gives to students in recognition of outstanding work promoting free expression on campus.

What Members Have Done

Members of the Prometheus Society have worked tirelessly with their peers, administrators, professors, and FIRE staff to educate their student bodies about free speech issues on campus. They have also organized against censorship, fought to overturn unconstitutional speech codes, and helped free speech statements get codified at their institution.

Behind the Society’s Name

Prometheus was the Titan of Greek mythology who brought fire to mankind. In Prometheus Bound, Aeschylus wrote, “the source of fire . . . has proved a teacher to mortals in every art and a means to mighty ends.” Invoking similar sentiments, William Butler Yeats posited that “[e]ducation is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”

The FIRE Student Network’s Prometheus Society seeks to highlight students carrying this tradition through advocacy on campus.

Advantages of Being a Prometheus Society Member

Prometheus Society members are honored with several benefits and privileges throughout the year in recognition of their work defending student rights. Just some of these benefits include:

  • An invitation to an all-expense-paid trip to Philadelphia to meet with FIRE staff before the annual FIRE Student Network Conference and invitations to other exclusive FIRE events throughout the year.
  • Opportunities to submit guest posts for consideration on FIRE’s Newsdesk.
  • A feature on FIRE’s website.

How To Become a Member

To be considered for membership in the Prometheus Society, student advocates must submit an application, found here.

Nominations for outstanding students may be submitted by emailing students@thefire.org. A committee comprised of FIRE staff members will select the handful of students to be honored for their dedication to protecting and defending student rights.