Gettysburg College in ‘The Philadelphia Inquirer’

May 12, 2006

Check out this article in The Philadelphia Inquirer about FIRE’s challenge to Gettysburg College’s absurd and unfair sexual misconduct policy. In the article, Gettysburg essentially admits that not only does the policy exist, but it is enforced.  As I said in the article, “[t]hey’re saying: ‘Yes we know we’ve written a code so broad that people will violate on a daily basis but trust us we won’t abuse it.’”

It’s lunacy to trust administrators—or anyone else—with the power to punish anyone they like on the promise they won’t abuse it.  To assume such an arrangement will work in a fair and just manner is to assume the infallibility of those in charge of administering the system. And if there is one thing I have learned by working for FIRE, it’s that college administrators (or any one else for that matter) sure aren’t infallible. 

Schools:  Gettysburg College