Gettysburg PR Hits Still Coming

October 20, 2006

People all around the country continue to think that the Gettysburg sexual misconduct policy is absurd, with the latest round of PR flak coming out of Denver, Colorado. Columnist Linda Seebach, in an excellent opinion column featured in the Rocky Mountain News, trains her guns on a policy that makes even casual contact, such as holding hands, potentially sexual misconduct. Seebach blasts away at the policy by demonstrating just how impractical it is, writing:

It would be reasonable to say that if at any point one participant said “no, stop” that request must be honored. But failing to say “yes” continually is not at all the same thing, since it is entirely commonplace behavior even for people just getting acquainted. And who would be constantly asking for permission in the context of an established relationship, or a marriage?

Hopefully, Gettysburg College will realize that the bad press won’t stop until this absurd policy is laid to rest.

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