Give Half for Liberty This Summer!

August 2, 2010

In February, FIRE launched the Give Half for Liberty Campaign as a way for our supporters to urge their schools to reform illiberal policies while also helping FIRE raise the funds necessary to continue our vital work. By giving just half of what you would usually donate to your alma mater to FIRE instead, you can send a powerful message to administrators at your school that they must take seriously the First Amendment rights of their students. FIRE will use your donation to work with that school to reform its vague, overbroad, or easily abused speech policies so they can regain your lost supportand so their students can regain their fundamental rights. 

While FIRE has enjoyed a great success rate in encouraging schools to reform their problematic policies, we need your help in getting the attention of even more college administrators. If there is anything that motivates administrators, it’s money, so colleges are likely to listen to youtheir donorsespecially when it affects their bottom line. Please help us to send a clear message to America’s colleges and universities that until administrators start ensuring that the free speech rights of their students are protected, their schools will not earn your full support.

There is no better way to motivate a college to change its policies than by showing that you care about this issue. Your school could be next if you donate today. Together, we can put a price on violations of liberty.