Giving Levels

FIRE exists only because of the support of its generous donors. We would like to thank all those who support basic rights for students and faculty at institutions of higher education across America. As a supporter of this cause, we would like to invite you to receive both promotional and informational material from FIRE by giving at the following levels:

    $25 • FIRE Candle
    An 18-month subscription to The FIRE Quarterly

    $100 • FIRE Lantern
    An 18-month subscription to The FIRE Quarterly
    FIRE Keychain

    $200 • FIRE Beacon

    All benefits above
    FIRE T-shirt

    $50 • FIRE Spark
    FIRE Beacon benefits for the 35 & under crowd



    $1,000 • FIRE Lighthouse
    All benefits above
    FIRE Published Reports
    Media Guide
    Honored on FIRE’s website and Annual Report*

    $10,000 • FIRE Lodestar
    All benefits above
    Profile in
    The FIRE Quarterly







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    * Donors are recognized at the $1,000, $5,000, $10,000, and $20,000+ levels.

    Please note that all promotional items will be mailed out in February, except The FIRE Quarterly, which is issued four times each year. Giving levels for each donor will be determined by total giving for the calendar year.

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