Good News from Florida State University

February 28, 2008

Earlier this month, Florida State University’s student government froze funding to two Christian student groupsthe Christian Legal Society (CLS) and Every Nation Campus Ministry (ENCM)on the grounds that the groups’ anti-discrimination policies did not extend to gays and lesbians. Florida State is a public university, and the First Amendment right to free association protects an organization’s right to exclude those who disagree with the purpose and mission of the organizationwhich in the case of CLS and ENCM are to promote Christian beliefs and Christian living, including the belief that sexual activity must be reserved for marriage.

FIRE has now learned that at a meeting held last night, Florida State’s student government did the right thing and rescinded its previous order to freeze funding to CLS and ENCM. Although funding never should have been frozen in the first place, we are pleased that the student government ultimately upheld the groups’ right to free association.