Greg Discusses MSU ‘Spam’ Case on ‘Huffington Post’

December 8, 2008

FIRE President Greg Lukianoff covers Michigan State University student Kara Spencer’s incredible ordeal over at The Huffington Post this evening, detailing precisely what’s wrong with the fact that Spencer faces judicial charges for sending an e-mail about an important university calendar change to about 8% of the school’s faculty. Greg writes:

The crowning absurdity here is that MSU thinks that there is nothing wrong with placing a completely arbitrary limit on the number of people you can e-mail about a serious issue of public concern at a public university. So much for the right to petition government for redress of grievances. Apparently, MSU’s IT department has overruled the Bill of Rights.

Be sure to check out Greg’s full post for more.

Schools:  Michigan State University

Cases:  Michigan State University: Student Government Official Threatened with Suspension for E-mailing Faculty about University Scheduling Concerns