Greg in ‘Huffington Post’ on the Conclusion of UCSB’s Investigation of Professor Robinson

June 25, 2009

FIRE President Greg Lukianoff has posted his third, and hopefully last, blog entry on Professor William I. Robinson’s case at UC Santa Barbara on The Huffington Post. The controversy began when Professor Robinson sent around an e-mail to the students in his Sociology of Globalization class comparing the Nazi treatment of Jews with Israel’s actions towards Palestinians. The three blogs Greg has written document the case, FIRE’s involvement, and finally the verdict which was sent to us yesterday afternoon. Fortunately, Professor Robinson is no longer under investigation. As Greg put it:

Stripped of the jargon of sociology and the politicization of the issue by both sides, the question becomes whether or not the professor in what essentially amounts to a global politics class can give his opinions about global politics. While many of his critics would prefer to see the Professor Robinsons of the world denied this right, in the end, we all benefit from classroom and academic discussions in which the exchange of ideas is as free as possible.

You can check out all three articles here.

Schools:  University of California, Santa Barbara

Cases:  University of California, Santa Barbara: Professor Investigated for Sending E-Mail to Class