Greg in ‘The Huffington Post’: Are Fraternities Disastrous for Free Speech on Campus?

July 27, 2011

In his newest article for The Huffington Post, FIRE President Greg Lukianoff examines how fraternities are often the most targeted and the least sympathetic victims of censorship on campus—and the repercussions this dynamic has for the free speech rights of all students.

Highlighting the recent Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE) case at Yale University, Greg urges fraternities like DKE to stand up for their rights:

Yes, the university may still punish you for behavior that actually breaks Yale’s rules, or it may redefine its charges as hazing, rather than harassment, and perhaps retry the case, but this case has become much bigger than you. It’s true that your members have provided the fraternity with an extremely unsympathetic set of facts with which to argue your case, but keep in mind that the principles at stake are the same ones that allow students to question authority and ask the kind of provocative questions that need to be asked on a college campus.

Read Greg’s entire piece at The Huffington Post.

Schools:  Yale University

Cases:  Yale University: Fraternity Suspended Five Years for ‘Intimidating’ Satirical Chant