Greg in ‘The Huffington Post’ on FIRE’s Ad Campaign

August 28, 2009

Over at The Huffington Post, FIRE President Greg Lukianoff has had a busy week.

On Tuesday, he wrote about our national ad campaign that was launched this week to draw attention to the schools on our Red Alert list. Greg summarized the campaign’s goals:

It is my sincere hope that universities will get the message and that next year these schools will not make yet another a repeat appearance. But if Brandeis, Bucknell, Tufts, Colorado College, Michigan State, and Johns Hopkins think they can just ignore what they’ve done and hope that people forget, we are perfectly happy to publicly out them again in the pages of U.S. News next year.

On Wednesday, Greg posted further details about why Brandeis deserves it’s place on our Red Alert list, also noting that we were running an ad that day in both Brandeis student newspapers calling out the university for their treatment of Professor Donald Hindley. He wrote:

The Hindley case, the university’s bungled decision to close down the Rose Art Museum, and various other abuses of student and faculty rights have continued to embarrass the university. All Brandeis would have to do to get off our Red Alert list and save itself from further public humiliation is to simply repeal the finding of racial harassment against Professor Hindley. It is a small but very important step that is long, long overdue.

This morning, Greg posted an entry about another school on our Red Alert list, Michigan State University.  He discusses Kara Spencer’s case at MSU and the school’s overly restrictive spam policy. As Greg writes, “Hopefully, our hatred of spam is not so blinding that it obscures the fact that the spamming rationale is just another approach to stifle debate on campus.”

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