Greg Lukianoff at ‘The Huffington Post’ on the California Loyalty Oath

June 11, 2008

Over at The Huffington Post, FIRE President Greg Lukianoff has written an article on the loyalty oath mandated by California for all state employees. The timely article describes FIRE’s recent coverage of Wendy Gonaver, a lecturer at CSU-Fullerton who was fired last August for refusing to sign the oath, but was reinstated after receiving negative publicity. Greg concludes his article:

Simply put: As bad as it is to tell people what they can’t say, it is even worse to tell them what they must say, and worse still what they must think or believe. It is inconsistent for a society that believes in individual rights, free speech and free minds to require all of its employees to give up those freedoms.

For a society to be free and just, loyalty and patriotism must be inspired, not required. It’s time for California to enter the 21st century. The loyalty oath must go.

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