Herbert London

August 9, 2013

Herbert I. London is the John M. Olin Professor of Humanities at New York University. He was responsible for creating the Gallatin School of Individualized Study in 1972, and acted as its dean until 1992. In addition, he is the president of the Hudson Institute, a world-famous think tank with headquarters in Washington, D.C., and he is a tenured professor of social studies at New York University. London is a noted social critic whose work has appeared in every major newspaper and journal in the country including such diverse publications as Commentary, National Review, American Spectator, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, The Washington Times, New York Magazine, The New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, Modern Age, Los Angeles Times, and Forbes. He is the author and editor of 21 books, with his most recent being Decade of Denial. London is presently a syndicated columnist with Knight-Ridder. He is a contributing editor for St. Croix Review, The Social Critic, and American Arts Quarterly, and is the publisher of American Outlook.