honor code

By August 28, 2013

It is expected that all students will uphold the Bulldog Values.

As a Ferris State University Student I will be an active learner:

I will study. Studying is an intentional, deliberate act requiring hard work. This includes seeking out the various resources designed to help me be academically successful.
I will treat my professors and fellow classmates with courtesty and respect.

As a Ferris State University student, I will take responsibility for my health and wellness:
I recognize that eating properly, getting adequate sleep and exercise are all factors in maintaining my health and that good health is conducive to my success.
I recognize that the use/abuse of alcohol and other durgs is detrimental to my health and a potential barrier to my success.

As a Ferris State University student, I will be an ethical member of the community:

I will discourage bigotry and strive to learn from differences in people, opinions and ideas.

I will involve myself in leadership, service, and/or personal development opportunities outside the classroom as part of my comprehensive educational experience

Honor Code

By August 28, 2013

We commit ourselves to behave in a manner which demonstrates concern for the personal dignity, rights and freedoms of all members of the community. We are respectful of college property and the property of others. We will not tolerate a lack of respect for these values.