In ‘Daily Caller,’ FIRE’s Robert Shibley Warns Parents, Grandparents about Reduced Rights on Campus

August 11, 2011

At The Daily Caller, FIRE Senior Vice President Robert Shibley sends an important warning about student rights to the parents and grandparents of college-bound students: "College isn’t what it used to be."

Specifically, Robert alerts readers to new threats to student civil liberties to be found at campuses across the country this fall: speech codes that unlawfully restrict expression protected by the First Amendment; sexual assault policies that declare anyone who has had even one alcoholic drink unable to consent to sexual activity, effectively making many students unwittingly guilty of serious misconduct; and lowered standards of proof for those students accused of such crimes, leaving them with no more procedural protection than what one might expect to receive in traffic court.

Robert writes:

Whether your own college experience was more like The Paper Chase or Animal House, you can be sure that today’s campuses are neither. Instead, your tuition and tax dollars are funding an ever-growing army of bureaucrats that police everything from free speech to dating. Administrators now outnumber faculty on our nation’s campuses, and even students’ innermost thoughts are subject to their oversight. Each year, the college experience gets closer to that of a TSA line at the airport — but one that you have to live in for four years.

We here at FIRE urge Torch readers to check out Robert’s timely warning, and to make sure the college-bound loved ones in your life do, too.