Inaapropriate Uses

August 28, 2013

2.5 Inappropriate Activities.


2.4.2 Objectionable material.

The University’s computing and networking facilities must not be used for the transmission, obtaining possession, demonstration, advertisement, request or transmission of objectionable material knowing it to be objectionable material. This includes:
[…] An article that describes or depicts, in a manner that is likely to cause offense to a reasonable adult.


2.4.5 Harassment. University policy prohibits sexual and discriminatory harassment. SUNO’s computing and networking facilities are not to be used to libel, slander, or harass any other person. The following constitute examples of Computer Harassment:

– Intentionally using the computer to annoy, harass, terrify, intimidate, threaten, offend or bother another person by conveying obscene language, pictures, or other materials or threats of bodily harm to the recipient or the recipient’s immediate family;

[…] The display of offensive material in any publicly accessible area is likely to violate the University harassment policy. There are materials available on the Internet and elsewhere that some members of the University community will find offensive. One example is sexually explicit graphics. The University cannot restrict the availability of such material, but it considers its display in a publicly accessible area to be inappropriate. Public display includes, but is not limited to, publicly accessible computer screens and printers.