Inappropriate behavior

By August 28, 2013

Inappropriate gender-based behavior is any behavior directed at another person due to that person’s gender which violates the Honor Code or the person’s individual dignity but does not rise to the level of unlawful sexual harassment. Inappropriate gender-based behavior is a violation of the Honor Code and is against university policy.

Some examples of inappropriate behavior are:

* Repeated stereotypical gender-based remarks;
* Sexually oriented jokes, flirting, or comments;
* Unwelcome touching or any touching of a sexual nature;
* Verbal or physical abuse;
* Graphic, sexually oriented comments about an individual’s body;
* Derogatory or demeaning comments concerning gender;
* Offensive or crude language;
* Display of objects or pictures which are sexual in nature; and/or
* Persistent and unwanted attempts to change a professional relationship into a personal one.