It’s Friday! Take SPLC’s First Amendment Quiz and Check Out NCAC’s Top 40 List

May 30, 2014

How much about the First Amendment do you know? Put your knowledge to the test with a quiz from the Student Press Law Center! Don’t fret if you don’t score as high as you’d like—SPLC has lots of resources to help you brush up on your constitutional law. Of course, if you’ve read FIRE’s Guides to Student Rights on Campus, you’re probably achieving a solid score already.

After you’ve put your pencils down, head over to the National Coalition Against Censorship’s website to read about its “Top 40 Threats to Free Speech Right Now.” Some of NCAC’s selections are sure to sound familiar to Torch readers—FIRE has covered the South Carolina Legislature, arguments that protected speech constitutes sexual harassment, “free speech zones,” the Kansas Board of Regents, boycotts of boycotts, and trigger warnings on our blog. But make sure you read to the end to find out what the number one threat to free speech is right now and to see what you can do to help defend your rights!