January 2012: Moriah Costa

Moriah Costa, a native Floridian who grew up in northern Arizona, has been involved in the student rights movement at Arizona State University (ASU) since her freshman year, when she discovered FIRE while attending the 2010 Students for Liberty Arizona Regional Conference. Moriah is majoring in broadcast journalism, and is co-president of ASU’s chapter of Students For Liberty (ASU SFL), a Students For Liberty Campus Coordinator, and a member of Devils’ Advocates, a student organization that gives campus tours to prospective students.

When considering the reasons she became involved fighting for student rights, Moriah notes, “I believe that free speech is essential to a free society. Not many students realize how important free speech is. I wanted students to be more aware of their rights, as well as bring about awareness of the restrictions of free speech at other colleges.” In order to make students more aware of their rights, Moriah and ASU SFL held a free speech wall event in late November, 2011, in collaboration with ASU’s chapters of the College Republicans and the Network of Enlightened Women. (A free speech wall is a freestanding, temporary wall built by event organizers upon which students can express themselves by drawing or writing whatever they wish.) The group casino greece intends on holding another free speech wall event in the spring, as well as a Patriot Act Awareness Day and other events.

When asked about a person she would like to meet and have a cup of coffee with, Moriah answered with American journalist and writer Rose Wilder Lane. “I have admired her since I was a little girl,” Moriah says. “Not only is she one of the founders of the modern liberty movement, but she was a very strong and independent women. I would love to be able to see what she was like in person and get her advice on being a journalist in the modern world.”

Moriah’s advice for those looking to fight for student rights on campus is simple: talk to other people doing the same! “Network and work with other organizations on campus,” she recommends. “You can’t do everything alone, and you will be able to make a stronger message if you have others behind you.”