John Searle

August 9, 2013

John R. Searle is the Mills Professor of the Philosophy of Mind and Language at the University of California at Berkeley. He is a former lecturer in philosophy at Christ Church, Oxford. Searle possesses honorary degrees from the University of Lugano (2003), University of Turin (2000), University of Bucharest (2000), University of Wisconsin (1994), and Adelphi University (1993). A member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences since 1977, he has written numerous books, including: The Campus War (1971), Intentionality: An Essay in the Philosophy of Mind (1983), The Construction of Social Reality (1995), The Mystery of Consciousness (1997), Mind, Language and Society, Philosophy in the Real World (1998), La Universidad Desafiada, el Attaque Postmodernista en las Humanidades y las Ciencias Sociales (2002), and Consciousness and Language (2002). Searle has held visiting posts, given special lectures and participated in conferences in many worldwide. He has won various prizes and awards, including: Jovellanos Prize, Spain 2000; Jean Nicod Prize, France, 2000; Distinguished Teaching Award, University of California at Berkeley, 1999; Homer Smith Award, New York University School of Medicine, 1993; Fulbright Award, 1983 and 1985; Faculty Research Lecturer, University of California at Berkeley, 1987; Reith Lecturer, BBC, London, 1984; Guggenheim Fellow, 1975-76.