Johns Hopkins University 2006-2007 Student Handbook

Undergraduate Student Conduct Code
The fundamental purpose of the university’s
regulation of student conduct is to promote and to
protect the health, safety, welfare, property, and
rights of all members of the university community
as well as to promote the orderly operation of
the university and to safeguard its property and
Acceptance of membership in the University
community carries with it an obligation on the
part of each individual to respect the rights of
others, to protect the university as a forum for
the free expression of ideas, and to obey the law.
This Undergraduate Student Conduct Code pertains
to misconduct arising from offenses against
persons and/or property committed on university
property; to misconduct committed off university
property against members of the university community;
and to misconduct occurring off campus
that causes significant harm to others. The university’s
undergraduate student conduct system
is designed to enforce the university’s conduct

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