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August 28, 2018

The FIRE Faculty Network is a diverse coalition of faculty interested in defending and sustaining academic freedom, free speech, and other civil liberties on campus. If you’re a faculty member interested in these issues, join the network today! By joining, you’ll receive information curated specifically for faculty, including the latest legal developments, strategies for activism, and noteworthy research and reporting related to free speech and academic freedom.

You’ll also receive updates on FIRE’s work, including information about our upcoming faculty conference, which will be taking place this year from October 11–13 in Chicago. The conference will bring together faculty from a range of disciplines and institutions for panels and discussions on core issues related to academic freedom, faculty rights, and free expression on campus. Geoffrey R. Stone, the Edward H. Levi Distinguished Service Professor of Law at the University of Chicago, will deliver the keynote address at the conference. Check out the full list of featured presenters!

We’re also pleased to announce that a paper by professors Kathleen Bartzen Culver and Jason Shepard presented at last year’s faculty conference was recently published in the San Diego Law Review. “Culture Wars on Campus: Academic Freedom, the First Amendment and Partisan Outrage in Polarized Times” examines the tensions between faculty and student speech rights, the use of technologies to take ideological disagreements “viral” through partisan media, and the role of colleges and universities in culture wars. The paper explores the divisions that may arise between the rights and responsibilities of faculty, students, and institutions in campus free-expression controversies.

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