Joseph Maline

August 9, 2013

Joseph Maline is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and a Director of Professional Services at immixGroup, responsible for the management of immixGroup’s internal IT staff and computer systems, and working with the immixGroup Solutions line of business in the design, development, and implementation of technical solutions for immixGroup’s clients. As CTO, Mr. Maline oversees all internal IT projects, including technical decisions, project management, and delivery of solutions for the business.

immixGroup is a government business consultancy headquartered in McLean, Virginia, delivering a variety of strategies and services designed to help IT manufacturers Grow and Manage their government business and Government customers more efficiently procure the products and services they require. Working with over 150 IT manufacturers and nearly every government agency, immixGroup has the flexibility to offer its clients the ideal program and growth strategy, whether they sell direct or through the channel, offer emerging or mature technologies, own their own government contracts, or none at all. immixGroup’s clients include Fortune 1000 corporations, federal and state governments, and rapidly growing middle-market companies in the retail, distribution, manufacturing, and service industries.
Mr. Maline graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor’s degree in the history and sociology of science and from Harvard University with a master’s degree in the history of science. Before joining immixGroup, Mr. Maline served as the CTO of Management Information Consulting, Inc. (MIC), an e-business, systems integration, and information technology consulting firm. He is married with two children and lives in Herndon, Virginia.