Kent Innovation High School Students Are Learning Liberty

September 9, 2013

Although FIRE focuses on free speech issues in college, education about free speech should not begin when students first enter their freshman year. Students at Kent Innovation High School, in Grand Rapids, Mich., are starting their education in liberty earlier. Their free speech education program will focus on constitutional rights, particularly freedom of speech, and students will have the opportunity to analyze the Constitution and relevant court cases. The students will also be participating in FIRE’s Freedom in Academia Essay Contest. They will familiarize themselves with FIRE’s mission, watch two short videos about censorship, and answer the essay question: Why is free speech important at our nation’s colleges and universities?  High school juniors and seniors from all across the country can join Kent students in submitting an essay. With a top prize of a $10,000 scholarship and other great prizes, this is a great opportunity for students to learn more about their constitutional rights. FIRE’s Guides are another great resource for students looking to learn more about the rights of students on campus. They’re available here for free download. As FIRE co-founder Alan Charles Kors said, “A nation that does not educate in liberty will not long preserve it and will not even know when it is lost.” FIRE hopes more schools will follow Kent’s lead and educate students in the importance of free speech!