Lawsuit Filed by Professor Fired by San José City College in Nature/Nurture Case

July 21, 2008

The Alliance Defense Fund and Pacific Justice Institute have filed a lawsuit on behalf of June Sheldon, a San José City College biologist who was fired after she briefly discussed aspects of the nature-versus-nurture debate regarding sexual orientation and a student complained. Although Sheldon denied having said the wild things the student had accused her of saying, a weak investigation by her dean (without a proper hearing) led the dean to declare that Sheldon had not been teaching “science,” which led to Sheldon being fired. The lawsuit cites FIRE’s February 8 letter to the San José/Evergreen Community College District and emphasizes the district’s violations of Sheldon’s constitutional rights. Thanks to the ADF and PJI for taking up Sheldon’s case and defending academic freedom.

Schools:  San Jose City College

Cases:  San José/Evergreen Community College District: Professor Fired for Protected Classroom Speech