Letter from Muslim students at Century College to Chief Academic Officer John O’Brien, February 13, 2006

February 13, 2006

To: Vice President, Academic Affairs

Dear Dr. O’Brien, John

As Muslim Students at Century College, we were heartbroken to see the posting of the defamatory infamous cartoon of our holy prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him). In addition to that, it was sad to know that a faculty member of our own college was responsible for the posting of the cartoon.

As Students, we are concerned about the posting of this offensive cartoon, which was posted by Karen Murdock. We believe this kind of activity can damage the image of Century College. We have good faith in and respect for the mission of the school wihch is respecting different cultures, values, and beliefs. However students expect the faculty to be their role models, not to offend their religious beliefs.

During the last week this incident had a very negative impact on our ability to concentrate on our studies. Several students felt they had to go home and some could not study for the tests.

We expect a great and bright future from the School, not an insult to our value, culture, and dignity. We need to see in classes instructors who respect different cultures and represent what the school stand for.

We hope you understand and hear our message.

Thank you and all respect to you.

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