MCCCD Electronic Communications Policy

A. General Statement
Electronic messaging services at the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) are provided to support education, research, scholarly communication, administration and other MCCCD business. Electronic communication is not different from any other form of communication and is subject to all applicable federal and state regulations and MCCCD administrative regulations.
As is the case with other technology resources, electronic messaging services are shared among the entire MCCCD community. Everyone using electronic messaging services should be considerate of the needs of others, and be certain that nothing is done to impede anyone else’s ability to use this service. All electronic messages must contain the name and electronic mail address of the person making the information available – no anonymous information may be sent.
D Specifically Unacceptable Uses
5. Mailings to large numbers of people that contain unwanted solicitations or information; these mailings are often referred to as “spams” or “letter bomb”, etc.

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